Children Session Information

The Style:
Color and black&white natural light portrait photography with a relaxed approach in a comfortable setting.

Time needed:
A session can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours or sometimes a little longer.
To capture the best lighting it’s best to choose early morning or late afternoon hours but it’s also equally important to choose a time of the day when your children are at their best.

I recommend a local park, beach or perhaps your own backyard and home where your children can be happy and truly be themselves.

Simple and comfortable clothing always works well and it’s better to avoid clothing with writing and logos as they are too distracting.
In order to obtain the best results if more than one people are going to be photographed clothes should have the same tonality.

I’ve added some links of children clothing stores in the menu menu under “blogrool”

If unable to make the shoot please call 48 hours in advance. If your child is sick the morning of the shoot please call to reschedule at a better time.

All images taken during the session are the photographer’s property and may be used on this website, portfolio, blog, contests or reviews.