Hello and welcome to my blog!

Here I will share my most recent work and personal photographs.

Photography has always been a big part of my life, as a little girl I’ve always enjoyed looking through the pages of our photo albums and getting to know our extended family and past events.  I would say that most of my early memories are still fresh because of a particular photograph.

I started taking photographs as a teen and I never stopped so my whole life is documented in film, slides and now digital files.

Being a parent has been one of the most enriching experience and now that my children are entering adulthood I’m so grateful to have captured every moment and realize how important is to have those photographs.

Children are my favorite subjects because they are so natural in front of the camera and are always ready to show their personality. During a photo shoot I give them very little direction and like to capture a wide range of expressions (not just smiles), as well as the interaction among siblings and the special bond they have with their parents.
I’m very lucky to have clients that call me year after year to photograph their children, it’s so nice to get to know their families so well and to see their children grow, I feel so privileged to help them create memories.

Equipment list of “my outdoor studio”:

Favorite lighting ✴ warm indirect sunlight

Favorite backdrops ✴ parks, preserves and ocean beaches

Favorite diffuser ✴ a cloud

Favorite special effect ✴ a gentle breeze

Favorite subjects ✴ children of all ages

Favorite props ✴ flowers, a leaf, tree logs, shells at the beach

Favorite time of day ✴ before sunset, just after sunrise


Favorite indoor studio ✴ the comfort of your home

Favorite urban location ✴ NYC



Thanks for visiting my blog and come back soon again!