✴ Editorial shoot for First For Women Magazine ✴

This past summer I received a phone call from the First For Women photo editor asking if I would have been interested in shooting an editorial for them.

I was asked to photograph Beth Greene who had suffered from fatigue, anxiety and joint pain. Beth had overcome this condition by making changes in her home and in her lifestyle. My job was to photograph Beth in a park close to her home and to show how she is now: happy, healthy and full of energy  which proved to be a very easy task.

The shoot turned out to be a lot of fun and a great experience, Beth was a pleasure to work with and a great subject to photograph. I also had the pleasure of working for the first time with Margie Bresciani (http://www.margiemakeup.com), a real pro hair&make up artist who stayed with us for the entire shoot.

This is the magazine article (in First for women October 31st issue) with my photo and further down some other pictures from the shoot.  The magazine is out now on the newsstands so don’t forget to pick up a copy (The “Tiredness cure” article is on page 40).


The selected photo (left and an outtake)

Two more photos from the shoot and Margie at work